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This old-school mobile game system is full of surprises

Playdate is a handheld bright-yellow gaming device with a 2.7-inch black and white screen. And sticking out of the device's tiny side is a tiny crank that can control time (in a game, anyway).

Amazon will now let users book flights in India

Amazon is adding flight bookings to its growing list of services in India, one of its biggest global markets.

Now we know why SpaceX is suing the US government

SpaceX's rivals just blew the cover off the rocket company's secretive lawsuit against the US government.

Snap completes leadership shakeup

Snap, the parent company of messaging app Snapchat, has promoted two executives amid a wider shakeup of its leadership team.

Apple's new MacBook Pro updates troubled keyboard

Apple has another fix for its troubled butterfly keyboards.

US loosens restrictions on Huawei products temporarily

To help American companies cope with the shock of banning Huawei equipment, the Trump administration temporarily eased up just a bit on its restrictions.

Twitter co-founder calls President Trump 'master of the platform'

President Donald Trump is a "master" of Twitter, according to the company's co-founder Ev Williams.

Chinese surveillance firm's stock plunges after reports of possible US ban

Shares in Chinese surveillance company Hikvision plunged on Wednesday, following a report that the Trump administration is mulling slapping it with a US export ban.

What did Huawei do to land in such hot water with the US?

Huawei has endured a tenuous relationship with the United States for a decade, reaching a boiling point last week when the Trump administration banned American corporations from doing business with the Chinese company.

Mark Zuckerberg should hire a new Facebook CEO, former Facebook exec says

Mark Zuckerberg needs to give up some of his control of Facebook and hire a new CEO, a former Facebook executive said Tuesday.

Facebook was flooded with far-right content ahead of the EU election, campaigners say

Far-right and anti-EU groups have been using hundreds of "disinformation networks" on Facebook to spread their message ahead of this week's European Union elections, according to campaign group Avaaz.

Mobile networks are suspending orders for Huawei smartphones

Mobile networks in Asia and Europe are suspending orders for Huawei smartphones following the US decision last week to restrict the company's access to American technology.

Huawei could be the first big casualty of China's clash with America

In little over 30 years, Huawei has gone from scrappy startup to China's most successful global consumer brand. Now it could become the first big casualty of an escalating fight with America over trade and the future of technology.

Ford's delivery robot walks like a human

Ford, best known for its cars, pick-up trucks and SUVs, is experimenting with something totally different: a package-carrying robot.

Amazon wins facial-recognition vote, but concerns about the tech aren't going away

Hundreds of Amazon employees, groups of investors, and dozens of civil rights groups and academic researchers are upset that the online retailer is selling facial-recognition software to governments. Yet on Wednesday, Amazon shareholders rejected a proposal that asked the company to stop the practice.

How 5G is changing the game for first responders

At a Verizon 5G Labs event, firefighters and police saw 5G in action. The systems exist already, but 5G promises faster speeds, clearer pictures, and easier ways for cops to do their jobs.

Hey Siri, stop perpetuating sexist stereotypes, UN says

Siri, Alexa and other female-voiced AI assistants are perpetuating gender stereotypes and encouraging sexist and abusive language from users, a UN report has said.

The smartphone industry could completely change after Qualcomm's disastrous ruling

The most important technology company most people have never heard of just got a disastrous court ruling that could upend the way the smartphone industry does business.

Google Glass lives on in the workplace. The latest pair costs $999

Google Glass didn't resonate with the general public, but it may have found a foothold in the workplace.