Never get lost again Let Blackberry Satellite Navigation and GPS on your mobile phone guide your wa

Satellite Navigation and GPS on mobiles ? who needs it? Me, I'm standing in the middle of Soho, my appointment with the Managing Director of a large Advertising agency was meant to begin at least 10 minutes ago. I'm completely lost? The directions that I've been given by my secretary are travelling to Brighton currently (I've left them on the train) so I'm feverishly asking people if they've heard of Symonds Street! And no one has. I know this is going to blow the deal?why me, why now?.

Ahhh Sound all too familiar? If you're like me you probably get lost from time to time. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that. Whenever we travel on Business to unfamiliar territories we risk getting lost and not knowing our way around. But never fear fellow Business Traveller? help is now at hand! The latest Blackberry phone from comes equipped with third party software that turns your Blackberry phone into a pocket sized Tomtom ?.

That's right because your mobile travels with you wherever you go and so does this Satellite Navigation solution. View maps and look up directions all from your mobile. Track your Staff too! Every year millions of pounds are lost through ineffective staff and fleet management in the field.

Handset Tracking leverages the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to enable businesses to locate and track field employees via an easy-to-use mapping interface in real-time. Discover the Benefits of Handset Tracking: At we have over 100 time and money saving mobile solutions. Features such as the ability to access: Know the closest vehicle or technician to the next job site. Track the workforce location, location history, speed, and heading in real-time. All on a simple Web-based mapping interface.

You can even access yesterday's detailed route history for every vehicle in your fleet Export GPS data collected for the day for future reporting purposes Quickly toggle tracking mode from last location point to "breadcrumb" to view a visual trail of each worker's location history.

Never get lost again Mobile Phone Satellite Navigation The Perfect Business Tool. Access your PC through your mobile, Receive Email on the Go, Google Maps and have Sat Nav right on your mobile. Hurry! This offer ends soon!!!

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