New Motorola Phone To Be Released Krzr K

On Feb. 12, 2007, Motorola announced officially a new, high-end model for their already popular Krzr series. The Krazr K3 will join its older brother, the K1, as a brilliantly stylish handset. The model looks very much like the white K1, except its coloration is slightly darker. The K3 created to increase the users ability to download and upload data, sporting HSDPA connectivity. 3G, or third generation, high-speed data is the biggest selling point Motorola has been in need of such a model to replace the Razr.

The original Krzr was designed with second-generation internet connectivity. The K3's older brother, the Krzr K1 is a very nice model, but is similar in features to the Razr series. The K3 is a high-speed version so users that download media and send media messages should love it. Inevitably, Krzr K1 users will make the upgrade for the speed. The K3 sports some impressive features highlighted by its Bluetooth capability.

The model is equipped with a system that allows users to print directly to a Bluetooth printer. Naturally the model can do all the standard types of Bluetooth functions. Users can wirelessly connect to speakers, headsets, and Bluetooth car systems.

The model sports 2 digital cameras and offers a new technology that allows users to make 2-way video calls. The user can put the K3 on speakerphone, and the inside camera will allow for the transmission video of the caller to the other end of the conversation. The screen will show the person the user is talking too.

The outer camera boasts 2.0 mega-pixels of resolution and can capture stills and clips and has an 8x digital zoom. This resolution has become the industry standard, and is pretty close to the best PDA models' resolution, which are currently around 3 mega-pixels in the U.S. Some models that can be purchased in Europe and Asia interestingly offer higher than 6 mega-pixels of resolution. One popular model available in Korea sports a 10 mega-pixel camera.

The model offers 64 MB of internal memory, and is equipped with a microSD card-slot. It is believed at this time that the model will be able to handle a memory card with up to 4 GB of memory. The will allow the user to store an entire movie in standard mpeg format. The K3 is a remarkably gorgeous handset.

The model's appeal is highlighted with two very nice gray colors and blue lighting. Even though the original Krzr did quite well, its sales numbers will surely be blown away by its high-, high-speed younger brother.

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