Tips To Build Better Sites For You Or Your Customers part

1 - Easiest to guess: idea. A good idea is almost 100% success. If You think best graphics or best animations are the keys You are wrong.

People come to You because You've got the information they want or they search. Think of it: build an another site with the same content or build a site with a new content? Don't You want to be first? Don't want to give something new to potential customers? Even don't You want to earn some money for Your time and informations or products? Find Your niche and be the one in it. Let the people come to You. 2 - First look - very important. If I enter a site which has dark colors I'm out and never get back.

OK, I return only if that site sells or promotes some kind of dark movie or horror books etc. i like or search for. But dark background isn't good idea for ordinary sites.

People doesn't want to look at black sites because they pushes off. People want to look at bright sites with cool colors but not aggressive to them. 3 - Animations - irritate or not? Yes.

Another important element. I like sites with flash animations but not too aggressive and not in full screen mode hiding the rest of site. I prefer small amount of animations. They should be tiny and integral parts of site. Also they must have a "skip" button to pass intro and get to proper site.

Of course animations can be huge but only if they have some photos of products You sell or promote. Interactive catalog is good but flying dog chasing motocat isn't good if You don't sell pet accessories. 4 - Navigation - where's my hotel? People don't want search for anything else they looking for. Where's navigation bar? Where's site-map? Where's the coolest window cleaner I'm looking for? How can I buy it? Hello?! Damn. and never get back to You.

The answer for that is simple: give him/her a search-box, FAQ, instructions "how to find", "how to buy", "how to search" etc. Think that the customers don't want to think about what, where, how etc. and You have to give them an answer to their hands. Maybe this is rude to say: "everybody are idiots" but that's a fact: they are lazy and don't want to search more they are have to. 5 - Functionality - how big is a cart? Every site must be functional.

Several links and no FAQ? I'm out. Be Your first customer who's entering Your site. What do You see? Do You know everything what, where, how? What do You do if cart is full? What if You didn't find what You looking for? Is there a wishlist? Or mail-contact? Or online service? Think of it. Maybe You find there are many things to change, maybe not. Be a YourSite.

com beta tester today to avoid mistakes and build better functionality.

Thoughts by Kris about webdesign (in polish: projektowanie stron www) and web promotion (in polish: pozycjonowanie stron) during thinking about "How to build a best site". To be continued...

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